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The “Stamp Box” is composed of 10 animal-shaped stamps based on Woodcutting, an ancient engraving technique. So, the “Stamp Box” is completely made of solid sycamore wood, taking advantage of its texture for the image produced by the stamps. The material’s simplicity stimulates a creative and diversified use that may also be combined, both with traditional stamp pads, and with different types of paints that may be applied using the hands, or a brush or roll.

Each stamp also finds its negative in a square base, creating a puzzle that explores the solid/void relationship.



Unfinished european sycamore wood (acer pseudoplatanus) or european beech (fagus sylvatica) both PEFC - certified.

Wood is a fully biodegradable, renewable and recyclable material. The sycamore tree is originally from Europe, where it has been cultivated for centuries, attracting bees, butterflies, birds and small mammals, as well as the beech, whose fruits feeds various animals.


Please note

Because wood is a natural material it has a non-uniform appearance (veins, knots and other marks) and it may present different white/grey and yellow/golden shades. Therefore, wooden products may present slight variations when compared to the ones on the pictures.

After using the stamps, we recommend you to remove the excess paint and let them dry before fitting them back into their base.

The “Stamp Box” does not include stamp pads, paints or other accessories.

The “Stamp Box” should not be handled by young children without adult supervision.

Made in Portugal.



0,6 kg



16 cm x 16 cm x 4 cm

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